You throw a stone from a height of 16 feet with an initial vertical velocity of 32 feet per second. the function h= -16t squared + 32t + 16 represents the h ( in feet) of the stone after t seconds) Find the Maximum height of the stone the maximum height. please help me somebody brainly teacher expert anyone please ​

Accepted Solution

hope this helps :)Step-by-step explanation:dh/dt=-32t+32When velocity, dh/dt, is equal to zero, the object is at its maximum height.dh/dt=0 only when 32t=32, t=1 second, so the maximum height is h(1)h(1)=-16+32=16ftUsing algebraThe maximum height will occur at the midpoint between the two zeros of the height function because of a quadratics symmetry...h(t)=0 when-16t^2+32t=0-16t(t-2)=0so t=0 and 2The midpoint is t=1And of course this will give you the same as we found earlier. Β The maximum height is h(1) ft