Which graph represents a geometric sequence?

Accepted Solution

Answer with explanation:Geometric sequence--The sequence is said to be geometric if each of the term of the sequence is obtained by multiplying the preceding term of the sequence by a fixed constant.This fixed constant is known as  a common ratio and is denoted by r.i.e. the sequence is given by:                  a,ar,ar²,ar³,.....The graph which represents the geometric sequence is attached to the answer.Since the table of values are as follows:           x             y           1              1           2             2           3             4           4             8 i.e. the sequence 1,2,4,8form a geometric sequence.Since the common ratio of the sequence is: 2 with first term as: 1(first term is: 1second term is: 1×2=2Third term is: 2×2=4and fourth term is: 4×2=8 )