Which events are independent? Check all that apply. Each number 1 through 10 is written on a slip of paper, placed in a hat, and randomly picked. Sarah picks a number less than 5, keeps it, and then picks an odd number. A number cube is rolled and a spinner is spun. Henry rolls a multiple of 2 and lands on a red portion of the spinner. Two cards are randomly chosen from a standard deck. Eliza chooses a jack, replaces it, and then chooses a black card. Two pairs of socks are randomly chosen from a drawer. Hayden chooses a black pair of socks, puts them on, and then chooses another black pair. A card is randomly chosen from a standard deck and a dart is randomly thrown. Olivia chooses an ace and the dart hits the bull’s-eye.

Accepted Solution

A number cube being rolled and a spinner being spun, two cards chosen from a deck and being replaced, a card being chosen and a dark randomly thrown- these are all examples of independent events because one outcome did not effect the outcome of the other event. And in the case of the cards, because it was replaced, each card still had exactly the same probability of being drawn.