A color photograph taken with a digital camera is converted into digital format using 4 x 10^0 bytes per pixel. Photographs taken with the camera each have 2.2 x 10^6 pixels. How many bytes are there in one photo? Write your answer in scientific notation

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]8.8*10^6[/tex]  bytesStep-by-step explanation:Bytes PER PIXEL = 4 * 10^0Also, photographs have 2.2 * 10^6 PIXELShence, the number of bytes in 1 photo is the multiplication of both:(4*10^0) * (2.2*10^6)How do we multiply? Using the rule shown below:[tex](a*10^b)*(x*10^y)=(a*x)*10^{b+y}[/tex]basiallly multiply the coefficients (constants) and add up the powers. Thus:[tex](4*10^0) * (2.2*10^6)\\=(4(2.2))*10^{0+6}\\=8.8*10^6[/tex]There are  [tex]8.8*10^6[/tex]  bytes